Wilkens Outpatient Medical Complex

Cape Cod Healthcare 
Completed: 2011
Barnstable, MA

WMC’s imaging center is part of a larger project that compromises multiple outpatient clinics and treatment environments. The imaging center specializes in women’s health and includes spaces for mammography, ultrasound, and radiography.

Our design is characterized by a calm, locally-influenced aesthetic. We utilized a palette inspired by the natural colors and textures of Cape Cod; this choice creates a fresh and light patient environment and echoes the famous beauty of this unique region. Patients will feel soothed by a space that is comfortable rather than clinical.

One of the design’s key features is a landscaped courtyard, which functions as the keynote space for the reception area and the organizing device for the entire clinic. Contributing to the center’s natural feel, the courtyard is a unique addition to an already tranquil facility.


Photo Credit: Emily O'Brien