Outpatient Clinics

Boston Children's Hospital, Waltham Campus
Completed: 2006-2009
Waltham, MA

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Waiting

Located at the Boston Children’s Hospital Waltham campus, these innovative clinics service a wide range of programs, including ophthalmology, orthopedics, and physical therapy. We designed the first clinic at BCH Waltham, as well as many additional ones thereafter; in doing so, we set the tone and design procedure for the now well-established aesthetic used throughout the Waltham campus.

We wanted the clinics to relieve anxiety for the young patients who will use them; to this end, we created spaces that are characterized by a unique playfulness. Flowing curves, circular elements, and vibrant colors all contribute to the welcoming, non-clinical aesthetic we chose to foster.

The exam rooms are similarly soothing. We disregarded the traditional exam room model, which impedes physician-patient interaction, and replaced it with a flexible layout that encourages such communication; in doing so, we established a comfortable, informal environment for young patients. The rooms were also outfitted with the latest technology, which improves the quality of patient care.

Vestibular Balance Center

Ophthalmology Waiting 

Orthopedics Patient Room

Urology Waiting 

Urology Waiting