"The Bistro" Cafeteria

Boston's Children Hospital, Waltham Campus
Completed: 2009
Waltham, MA

Boston Children’s Hospital Waltham’s cafeteria, “The Bistro,” represents a marriage of form and function. Its design combines artistry and practicality to create a space that serves as both an efficient cafeteria and an enjoyable social environment.

Aesthetically, we made use of color, shape, and material to foster an ideal social space for patients and staff. “Pops” of color complement our creative use of contrasting materials—wood and metal—to produce a sense of warmth and brightness. Wavy surfaces, one of the hallmarks of the design, function as an elegant reimagining of the curves that characterize BCH Waltham.

The waves are also significant to the function of the space; they allowed us to maximize the seating and serving potential of the cafeteria. We tailored the layout to the same purpose: by prioritizing efficiency and including both booths and counters, we ensured that our design would make the best possible use of the space available.