PATHWAY Project/Main Corridor Upgrades

UMass Memorial Medical Center, University Campus
Completed: 2011
Worcester, MA

UMMMC Champions of Excellence Award

Four unique orange column covers highlight 400 feet of corridor finish upgrades.

The University Campus of the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC) in Worcester, MA combines both the UMass Medical School and UMMMC Hospital functions into one of the largest academic medical centers in the state.  Though renovated in 2006, the main entrance to the medical center—the Remillard Pavilion—lacked key circulation clarity along the main ground floor thoroughfares.

With its modern look and balance of art and displays, the new “Pathway” enhances the visual clarity and improves way-finding for the hundreds of visitors, families and patients making daily visits to the facility.  Unique orange column covers highlight the fresh new aesthetic based on Planetree principles of organic design.  The artwork was selected and installed in coordination with l’Attitude Gallery (Boston, MA) to accent places of respite as well as interactive displays.  Moreover, the signage graphics—designed by Roll Barresi & Associates—was coordinated to improve way-finding and built on the natural, organic design theme.  This interdisciplinary design team, led by Isgenuity, received the UMMMC Champions of Excellence Award for successful integration and coordination of arts, graphics, architecture, and interior design.