Stoneman Outpatient Center

Cape Cod Healthcare
Completed: 2012
Sandwich, MA

The Stoneman Outpatient Center represents a major addition and renovation for Cape Cod Healthcare. The project allows for an expansion of services and specialties—including women’s OB-GYN and orthopedics, radiology, phlebotomy, family practice, and walk-in services—both at the existing facility and in a new space designed for the project.

Our priority for this project was patient-focused design. We sought to create a space that would set visitors at ease. Large windows, natural lighting, and a calm palette helped us achieve this goal; by using such elements, we were able to foster a uniquely peaceful environment.

A key feature of our design is a landscaped courtyard, which contributes enormously to the natural aesthetic of the facility. Like many of our other design elements, this green space serves to soothe patients who are visiting the health center.