Clinical/Corporate Headquarters

New England Donor Services (formerly New England Organ Bank)
Completed: 2009
Waltham, MA

After New England Organ Bank (NEOB) exceeded the capacity of its facility, it needed a new, improved space to house its quickly expanding organization. We provided programming, planning, and design for a new clinical/corporate headquarters to accommodate its growth. The new space includes state-of-the-art conference and education facilities, as well as a new clinical area that incorporates an O.R. suite, a kidney processing area, and an organ stabilization area, which allows for direct organ harvesting within the facility. 

In addition to offering a fresh aesthetic for the organization, the new space vastly improves upon the functionality of the original. After careful planning, we developed a layout that is far more efficient than the previous facility’s—an important quality for an organization that specializes in organ transplants.

One particularly unique feature of our design is a timeline wall detailing the history of organ transplants. The wall highlights the importance of NEOB’s work and educates visitors; since the timeline’s inception, NEOB has come to embrace it as a major part of its identity.