McGraw/Patterson Center for Population Sciences

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Completed: 2011
Boston, MA

LEED Silver Certified

Collaboration is fundamental for the Center for Population Sciences. The center is an expanding department within the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute that focuses on researching the optimal approach to preventing and treating cancer. It includes a large number of collaborative faculty and support teams, which allow it to conduct and interpret research as comprehensively as possible.

In designing the McGraw/Patterson Center for Population Sciences, we sought to support this culture of collaboration and interaction. The new facility is primarily a conference area; it includes conference and seminar rooms, staff areas, and office clusters. In each of these spaces, we prioritized the potential for interpersonal cooperation.

Some of the most notable features of our design also serve this priority; enhanced communication and view between floors and shared staff areas—both recreational and work-related—encourage interaction in every aspect of the facility.