Fertility Center Renovation Study

Massachusetts General Hospital
Study Completed: 2012
Boston MA

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) serves an enormous and increasing number of patients each year. As patient volume grew in recent years, MGH’s facilities became increasingly strained. This study, seeking to counter those effects, investigated the opportunities for expansion and improved efficiency at MGH Fertility Center’s existing clinic and procedure suite.

After examining the existing layout for inefficiencies and other potential flaws, Isgenuity formulated a series of improvements that could help the center use its facility as productively as possible. Included in this list were options for improved patient and staff flow and opportunities to improve space utilization.

A key component of our plan was the addition of a transfer room, which allows the procedure room to be used for more complicated cases. This suggestion, along with a series of other potential cost-effective improvements, would allow MGH to accommodate an ever-increasing number of patients without radically altering its facility.