Fegan Elevator Tower Addition

Boston Children's Hospital
Completed: 2013
Boston, MA

Boston Children's Hospital is one of the best medical institutions for children in the country; consequently, a large number of patients from the greater Boston area and beyond come to benefit from its services. Managing such a high patient volume without sacrificing efficiency—a quality that is paramount in a medical facility—is a difficult task. Our addition for the Fegan building, which includes an elevator tower and elevator lobbies for each of the 14 floors, solves that problem for the outpatient program.

The Fegan Elevator Tower connects to each floor of the Fegan building—the main ambulatory care building—as well as to other campus buildings on the lower levels. It allows visitors to move between floors more efficiently and produces clearer circulation throughout the building. Our design for the new lobbies also reflects careful consideration of visitor circulation and encourages much clearer travel than was previously possible.

In addition to their functional benefits, these additions provide a fresh look for the outpatient program. The elevator tower establishes a contemporary image for the existing building, while the lobby includes interactive art and displays to interest and entertain visitors.