20 Maverick Square

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Completed: 2012
East Boston, MA

LEED Gold Certified 

This new four-story facility provides a comprehensive neighborhood health center for the greater East Boston area.  Informed by the hospital’s community-centered mission, we sought to pay tribute to East Boston and its inhabitants through our work. To this end, the design of the building responds to the local architectural style of brick and masonry buildings. We also created bright, colorful spaces in the interior of the building to reflect East Boston’s multiculturalism. Local artists complemented the overall palette with their own, original artistic works.

In addition to showcasing the vibrancy of the community, the project contributed toward the revitalization and continued growth of Maverick Square, the heart of East Boston. Clinics on the ground, second, and third floors have waiting areas overlooking Maverick Square, while circulation areas benefit from views of the harbor and downtown Boston.

The ground floor of the building is open and visible to encourage community access to clinics and a wide range of retail programs, including family medicine, dental, OB-GYN and ophthalmology. The comprehensive services the center offers will be an invaluable addition to the community it serves.


Photo Credit: John Horner