Earth and Environment Laboratory

Boston University
Completion: 2017
Boston, MA

e&e 3.jpg
e&e 1.5.jpg

This Earth and Environment Laboratory at Boston University is a unique combination of equipment-based research and computational laboratory. The Earth and Environment program calibrates, modifies and creates specialty instrumentation to measure and monitor environmental conditions. The lab includes an area for maintaining existing equipment and a workshop area for the building of research specific instrumentation. Data from the studies is gathered, collated and evaluated in the computational portion of the lab. The combined function allows for collaborative creation and evaluation of data within one space. The room also integrates audiovisual functionality to convert the workshop into a team space for review of core research initiatives.

The location of this lab repurposes a formerly underutilized windowless room in the basement. Isgenuity selected a crisp palette in conjunction with new and improved lighting to help organize and brighten up the space.