Jimmy Fund Clinic

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Completed: 2015
Boston, MA

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s (DFCI’s) Jimmy Fund Clinic is one of the world’s premier centers for pediatric cancer research and treatment; it is famous for its “family-centered care” philosophy, which assures that a patient’s psychological, familial, and spiritual needs are met. In designing their new clinic, our work was informed by this uniquely holistic patient focus. 

In keeping with DFCI’s mission to attend to patients’ psychological as well as physical needs, our clinic is designed to be soothing. It benefits from natural light and playful shapes, forms, and colors, all of which help establish an environment that will set young children at ease.

Our concept of the clinic’s aesthetic also works in harmony with its functionality.  The open-plan infusion bays, which contribute to the space’s calm mood, create a flexible and efficient space for doctors. The many colors visible in our design, which help create a child-friendly environment, also make it easily comprehensible: different colors denote the functions of different aspects of the clinic, so visitors quickly understand how to use the space.