Center for Health and Rehabilitation Research

MGH Institute of Health Professions
Completed: 2013
Boston, MA

As part of the Institute’s expansion of its research facilities in the Charlestown Navy Yard, Isgenuity had the opportunity to become involved in the design of a new multi-disciplinary academic research center. The project balances four distinct research programs in one center, with a layout that allows for sharing common areas, while meeting the unique requirements of each researchers lab environment.

Several of the researchers focus their work on speech, language and oral impairments, which require acoustically isolated spaces in which to perform their research using sensitive testing equipment. In coordination with an acoustic consultant, we studied the existing structure and tailored the new design to work with the natural vibrations and background noise inherent in the existing building. The final outcome included multiple variations of custom sound rooms with control and observation areas, which were seamlessly integrated into the final design to create highly specialized spaces that feel welcoming to the subjects and researchers using them on a daily basis.

A Biomotion lab was also designed to study motion disorders, where subjects movement and gait are studied using multiple modalities of video, forceplate and EMG data capture systems. The final design of the room allowed for systems to be completely integrated, while addressing the unique requirements of each system. These included the use of non-ferrous metals surrounding the equipment, forceplates recessed into the floor, unique lighting and infrastructure to accommodate capture devices.

Researchers, students, staff and subjects at the MGH Institute of Health Professions now have an inviting and technologically sophisticated environment in which to participate in world-class research.