Endovascular Holding

Boston Medical Center
Completed: 2011
Boston, MA

We designed Boston Medical Center’s new endovascular holding suite to enhance every facet of the patient’s experience. The upgraded recovery bays, for instance, provide patients with much more space than they did previously. The addition of dedicated private holding bays also allows patients to recover from procedures undisturbed.

Both the functional and aesthetic aspects of our design build on our priority of patient-focused healthcare. Our carefully-formulated layout produces an improved patient flow to and from procedure rooms, which allows staff to access and attend to the needs of their patients more efficiently. The aesthetic of the suite is designed to be soothing for patients; a palette of warm, natural materials establishes a mood that is calming, not clinical.

All of these changes result in patients’ receiving efficient care in an environment that is warm, spacious, and private. This new holding suite represents an invaluable contribution to patient comfort and care at Boston Medical Center.