The New Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment Program Opens Its Doors!

As part of our continuous effort to bring an uncommon client focus to our work, Isgenuity proudly designed the new Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment Program for Boston Children’s Hospital in the Waltham campus.

This brand new program recently opened and feedback is already very positive. Described as the most thoughtfully designed ICBAT program in New England, it will provide an outstanding psychiatric setting in which behavioral health professionals can treat children in spaces appropriate to their specific needs.

The new ICBAT program will act as a beacon of hope for children suffering from behavioral health disorders by providing the support and individualized attention they need.

The residential ICBAT program at Boston Children Hospital provides secure care for up to twelve residents in a family friendly setting, each with their own sleeping room and associated support spaces. Balanced between soothing and energizing design elements, this unique space allows behavioral health professionals to provide accurate diagnoses to stabilize young children in crisis. The open space and playful color palette creates a calming environment that helps children at all stages of care with the goal of transitioning back to the community.