MassGeneral Hospital for Children: Renovated playroom open for patients

Isgenuity has created an exciting place for patients at MassGeneral Hospital for Children! 

This project is a fully grant funded playroom area within an inpatient unit at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children.  This is 100% grant-funded by the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The 1,200 square feet space provides a respite from the inpatient experience for pediatric patients ranging in age from toddlers through older children. It contains an entertainment unit, a play kitchen, and a stage platform for impromptu performances.  The design was inspired by non-themed, abstract, bright colors and simple shapes, with an open plan for flexibility.

The goal was to open up the space to be flexible. The room doesn't have a theme. Instead, we used simple colors and simple shapes. The idea was for children to imagine what things can be, not what they are.

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