Blood Donor Center

Boston Children's Hospital
Completed: 2013
Boston, MA

Through its Blood Donor Center Boston Children’s Hospital provides for the entire hospital's need of blood products for patients.  A more prominent blood donor center with expanded capabilities was envisaged to satisfy this requirement as well as the overall institutional growth and increasing demand for donated blood.

The program consisted of a reception/waiting, interview rooms, 10 donor bays, processing and support spaces.  The entire program was moved to a more prominent position in the Longwood Medical Area to increase the visibility of the center. The reception and waiting area was developed as a store-front to invite new donors.  The donor bays were expanded to provide additional personal space for each donor, with updated technology to make the donor experience personal and dignified.  Everyone who gives blood to Boston Children’s Hospital assists in the care and treatment of patients and the blood donor center provides a space that allows their gift to be received in the appropriate setting.